Join the Awarding Body

Join now to become a member of the Awarding Body of 2023 Women in Agribusiness Awards! Becoming a member is easy and rewarding. As a member, you’ll get exclusive access to industry insights, networking opportunities, and the chance to be recognized for your hard work.

Who can join the Awarding Body:

  1. Demonstrated expertise in the agribusiness sector: Members should have significant experience in the agribusiness industry in Africa, with a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by women in this sector.
  2. Relevant educational background: Members should possess relevant academic qualifications and training in agribusiness, or a related field.
  3. Professional experience: Members should have a minimum of five years of practical experience in agribusiness or a related field.
  4. Geographic representation: Members should represent different regions of Africa to ensure diversity of perspectives and experiences.
  5. Ability to work collaboratively: Members should have excellent communication skills, be able to work in a team, and have a commitment to promoting the interests of African women in agribusiness.
  6. Ethical conduct: Members should demonstrate a high level of integrity and ethical conduct in their professional and personal lives.
  7. Availability and commitment: Members should have the time and flexibility to attend meetings and provide input on award categories, evaluation criteria, and the winners’ selection process.
  8. Gender sensitivity: Members should be gender-sensitive and committed to promoting the interests of African women in the agribusiness sector

The duties and responsibilities of the members of the awarding body/jury members of the 2023 Women in Agribusiness Awards are as follows:

  1. Selecting Nominees: The members of the awarding body are responsible for selecting eligible nominees in the different categories.
  2. Reviewing Nominations: They have to review all nominations carefully to determine if the nominees meet the criteria for the award.
  3. Judging Process: The members of the awarding body should ensure that the judgement process is completed with utmost fairness and accuracy.
  4. Maintaining Confidentiality: Maintain confidentiality and ensure that the winner’s name is kept under wraps until the official announcement.
  5. Conflict of Interest: Members of the awarding body should disclose any interest, personal or professional, that may cause a conflict of interest during the decision-making process.
  6. Final Decision: The members of the awarding body should reach the final decision in line with the criteria set out, after due deliberation and consultation with relevant stakeholders.
  7. Event Management: The members of the awarding body will also be responsible for planning and coordinating the awards ceremony in conjunction with the organizing committee.
  8. Promotion of the Award: Members of the awarding body will be responsible to promote the award and encourage people to participate in subsequent editions of the award.
  9. Communication: The members of the awarding body will be responsible for communicating with the nominees, winners, and other stakeholders throughout the selection process.
  10. Evaluation: The members of the awarding body will be required to evaluate the selection process and identify strengths and areas for improvement for future editions of the award.